Photoshop cs4 not responding windows 10

I Updated Lightroom CC to the latest version and a day or two later received notice to upgrade to Windows 10. Since then, Lightroom freezes and says " Not Responding". Click anywhere once more and the Lightroom window goes black.I'm forced to close and restart the program. I've updated drivers (GPU included) and rolled back drivers with no positive results. What I have found, however, is

10/12/2019 · Adobe Photoshop CC est un logiciel de traitement d'image. Cette application permet de créer, de modifier des images. Notez qu'il faut s'inscrire sur le site d'Adobe (ID Adobe) pour pouvoir

Installed Photoshop CS3 then the upgrade to CS5 – it’s all there and the files open, but the images are small and the text labels miniscule.I suspect this is to do with the resolution of the new screen not being compatible with the operation of Photoshop and there needs to be some disabling of a Windows function to permit full visibility. Maybe somebody out there knows where to look.